A Look at the Xbox One X: What Should We Expect?

When Sony released an amped-up version of the PS4 last autumn, most experts would have offered good odds on the fact that Microsoft would follow suit.

This became even more likely given the initial success of the PS4 Pro, and it has led to the development of a significantly upgraded Xbox One X. Formerly referred to by Microsoft as Project Scorpio, the hardware has earned rave reviews, primarily due to its compact nature and outstanding power output.

Make no mistake; this no-nonsense, slimline console has made a huge mark on consumers, while laying the foundations for a brand new upgrade later this year.

The Low-down: What to Expect from the Xbox One X

Even at first glance, the Xbox One X is an impressive piece of hardware. A compact, black box packed full of gaming and processing power, it also delivers high quality gameplay while its specification suggests that it is the single most capable and high-performance console in the current marketplace.

The current price point is recorded at $499, which with the current exchange rate translates into approximately £390. This may seem a little steep, but it actually represents reasonable value when you consider its spec and status in the real-time market (although it is fair to surmise that users with a 4K television would be most likely to get the most from this console).

The enhanced power of the device will certainly improve its processing performance, triggering a smoother FPS and superior rendering. It also produces a more immersive and visually stunning experience for gamers, particularly when playing high-octane titles such as Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin’s Creed and Crackdown 3.

These games in particular look and sound superb, while the quality of graphics is impressive even if you are unable to utilise the device in conjunction with a 4K TV.

The Battle Between the Xbox One X and the PS4 Pro: Who Emerges as the Winner?

In terms of competing directly with Sony’s PS4 Pro, the Xbox One X has certainly produced a robust performance. In fact, it is hard to distinguish between the quality of the graphics and the processing speeds of each console, with both capable of delivering a 4K experience to players.

The two also share an almost identical price point, while the initial quality of the titles released with the Xbox One X also competes aggressively with Sony’s offering. So while the latter may boast a slightly larger software library, the ultimate choice will depend on your preferences as a gamer.

Not only this, but you may also be swayed by the quality of online gaming available through each console. After all, a growing number of people play online slot games at Royal Vegas and similar operators in the modern age, while many are also looking for virtual communities and gameplay through consoles.

It can be argued that Microsoft has built a superior online community around the Xbox One and the One X, so this may also influence your decision when upgrading your consoles.

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