Lumo promises to light the way


I know that I bang on a bit about how good games were in the days of the Amstrad CPC system, Sinclair’s Spectrum and Commodore’s C64. The games looked and played fantastically for the time. Rising Star Games are looking to revive the gameplay of the games of yesteryear, by teaming up with Triple Eh? Ltd to bring Lumo to Xbox One next year.

They’re already confident about how well this title will be received, billing it as the first great game of 2016.

Lumo is a 2-D isometric adventure, with over 400 rooms to explore, puzzles and secrets to discover, it promises to be simply one of the great games of 2016. Triple Eh? Ltd’s Gareth Noyce is the mind behind Lumo and it’s a nod to the classic golden age of British game development.

If you’re lucky enough to be off to EGX in Birmingham, UK from 24th-27th of September, then you can see Lumo in the digital flesh at the Rising Star Booth in the Rezzed Zone. Can you play it while you’re there? Yes, yes you can.

Here’s an early trailer, when the title was initially only coming out on PC and MAC. Thanks to the publishing deal Rising Star have with Triple Eh?, it’s now coming to Xbox One early in 2016.

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