Mad Catz sorry for Rock Band 4 Xbox One shortfalls


If you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll not know that Rock Band 4 is out today. Harmonix and Mad Catz have been feverishly working behind the scenes to get the game ready for a 6th of October launch, and I for one was looking forward to picking it up and rocking out again without having to dig my 360 out to play the franchise once more.

It seems that I might have to wait a little longer to get my plectrum-holding hands on the game as it’s been reported by Eurogamer that some customers of Amazon, GAME, GameStop and ShopTo are having much difficulty purchasing the physical version of the game with the Legacy Game Controller Adapter, the smart bit of kit that allows your Xbox 360 instruments to be used on the Xbox One.

There doesn’t appear to be an issue grabbing the game digitally, although you will have to have either the adapter or the new Xbox One instruments in order to play the game.

Mad Catz Global PR exec, Alex Verrey told Eurogamer;

We’re thrilled at the reception both critically and commercially to Rock Band 4 and have been overwhelmed with demand since pre-orders opened. For months now we have been saying again and again how important it was to pre-order if you wanted to receive hardware on day one. We did warn that demand would be high!


To reassure fans, the standalone version of the game on Xbox One, which comes with the Legacy Game Controller Adapter included, has absolutely NOT been delayed in any way. As promised, it is shipping today and those who pre-ordered will start recieving it from today. Retail will also be stocking it from today, with the game on shelves nationwide, however, as stated earlier, demand is high. More stock will be arriving throughout October and I would like to stress that the quickest way to ensure delivery is to order now via retailers.

Concluding with;

We’re deeply sorry if any fans are having difficulty purchasing today, we’re doing everything we can to make sure more stock arrives very shortly.

So, while I might be off to weep gently over my Xbox 360 Rickenbacker, I might be able to start jamming out to Rock Band 4 sooner rather than later.

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