MagNets hoping to pull in the fans through ID@Xbox

MagNets hoping to pull in the fans through ID@Xbox


Thursdays, must be ID@Xbox announcement day down at the Indie developer’s pub. Hot on the heels of other ID@Xbox program games, UK developer Total Monkery have announced MagNets will be coming to Xbox One this year.

Headed by former LucasArts developer, Richard Weeks, Total Monkery are set to release this robot collect-’em-up this year.

Everything was perfect in Polarity City, until so many of the Bloxbots you are tasked with maintaining keep going wrong. As a robotic Park Ranger, you are required to capture them in your electromagnetic net, or MagNet, and short circuit them. Deliver them to the Recycletron in return for bonus goodies. Something is very wrong though, where are all the Magnapets and why are all the Bloxbots going wrong? Save Polarity City from this potential catastrophe and be the robotic, magnetic hero you were manufactured to be.

Promising fast arcade action, MagNets is aiming to launch in late March, early April. Have a look at the gameplay trailer below and see if it’s something you’ll be looking at investing in.

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