Manic Missions in a Tropican Paradise

Did you start your little island paradise and then forget all about your Tropicans? Did you forget about them, leaving them to starve? Shame on you. Lucky for us then Kalypso Media UK have today released another trailer for Tropico 4 Gold reminding us just what it means to be El Presidente.

It is much more than just a “build it and forget it” city builder. Not when your job in the game (which features both Tropico 4, and it’s acclaimed expansion, Modern Times) is to build the ultimate island superpower!

In today’s video release for Tropico 4 Gold, Kalypso are showing off some of the manic (and maniacal) missions you’ll have to complete if you want to reign as the supreme ruler of the island nation of Tropico. Check it out below to get a quick glimpse of the challenges facing you, as the newly elected leader, in Tropico 4 Gold (and my favorite part of the video… watch out for zombies!).

Tropico 4 Gold Edition is now available for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC

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