March Xbox release set for NeuroVoider


Twin-shooters are becoming that hip and trendy thing (I’m old, I can use phrases like hip and trendy, right?). Flying Oak Games have announced a release date for their new twin-stick shooter RPG, NeuroVoider.

This new shooter is set in a futuristic world about brains and shooting around evil robots with nuclear rocket launchers. Battle through hordes of evil robots to boost your character with the smoking ruins of your victims. Defeat the master NeuroVoider to end this eternal war.

Already available on Steam, Flying Oak have announced that the console version will feature the Extended Update and all the features that are contained within it. These include a new glitched weapon type, with 15 powerful arms, more powerful than gold items. It also includes two new environments, The Graveyard and The Metaverse, four new skills and twice the boss variations to the original Steam release. The new skills include ‘I’ve got the power‘, which increases the likelihood of glitched items being dropped, while reducing the drop rate for other goodies.

NeuroVoider is an action-packed top-down shooter with local 4-player multiplayer for total co-op rampage. The levels are all procedurally generated with randomised content and hazards for infinite replayability. Flying Oak have stated that there are 8736 enemies to blow up. They counted.

The game will feature RPG elements with tons of loot drops to customise your character with. Explode your enemies with that ‘double twin-plasma shotgun of father doom’ you’ve just dropped. Use them wisely as there are gigantic bosses to challenge your bullet-dodging skills. All of this is set against a dark synth soundtrack by Dan Terminus.

Flying Oak Games and publisher, Playdius, are bringing the neon futuristic, shoot-die-repeat, world of NeuroVoider to Xbox One on the 17th of March.

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