Mass Effect 3 Citadel DLC Review

Commander Shepard’s swansong has arrived, with heaps of love and nods to the many fans of the Mass Effect series which just about gleans over what little actual game play the DLC has to offer. Shepard and his crew are ordered to take shore leave ,after it is judged that the Normandy has taken quite a beating over the course of the war against the Reapers, and that Shepard might need a rest after casually saving the galaxy a few times. After being given a swanky apartment, Shepard heads down to the local sushi bar when all hell breaks loose ,with Shepard and his squad separated and a new group of humans now out to kill him. Turns out Shepard has a clone, and Mr Shepard no 2 is  not particularly happy that he isnt getting any of the limelight that his counterpart is; cue violence, quick fire insults and a already well trodden storyline that has been done to death before. Heck the final scene is a direct rip off of the end sequence in The Mummy Returns.


In all honesty, the DLC isnt worth buying if you are hoping for another wild adventure ,full of gunfights and explosions ,as the main mission can be completed in just over an hour and a half. A more accurate title would be ‘The Long Goodbye’; the relationships and feelings for the team that you have fought with over three games are all tied up in one neat bow, further highlighting that Bioware is still one of the best in the business regarding engagement with fictional characters . Kill Bill style chess, Shepard having a fight with a director over the worst B movie ever created, Garrus complaining about the distinct lack of conversations in lifts anymore as they are too fast, Javik getting so drunk that he threatens to take over the galaxy; all laugh out loud moments that just about manage to break up the mediocrity of the rest of the content. The idea of throwing a party with all of your teammates to engage with them is a good idea if it didnt feel like such a chore; talk to guests, enact next phase of party and repeat.


The ideal time to play this DLC is just before the final mission against Cerberus in order for you to see the greatest amount of your teammates before you send them into danger (again). This also has fundamental flaws for the rest of the things the DLC has to offer, with a casino that has little incentive to play due to the likely huge amount of credits you will already have racked up and the arcade is pathetically simplistic. An addition of a VR arena, that puts you up against enemies in varying conditions is novel though not earth shattering great and serves little real purpose; there are plenty of other third person shooters that do this better.


This DLC will either bore you to death or be hugely enjoyable depending on what you want out of it. For lovers of the series, who just want one more time to involve themselves in Shepards universe, then this is a must buy, as the DLC excels in this area, with some of the most witty and intelligent dialogue that I have seen for a while, which is the main reason it would be worth getting just to see the trilogy off with a humble goodbye . For those wanting another action packed story that adds another glorious moment to Shepards talented career, seek your thrills elsewhere.

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