Max Payne 3: Local Justice DLC – Highly Recommended

Max Payne 3: Local Justice DLC – Highly Recommended

The first downloadable content pack for Max Payne 3 outside of all the pre-order DLC also up for purchase comes the ‘Local Justice’ collection which features three brand new multiplayer maps, weapons and even Achievements to tempt you into purchasing the DLC from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. If you are the owner of a Rockstar Pass then all content including pre-order DLC (previously unavailable) is free from within the games menu options if you look around and click a few buttons to get your downloads started.

Using a required 370MB of storage space, the Local Justice DLC provides three great new multiplayer maps starting with the 55th Battalion HQ map available for all game modes. It is an expansive bi-level design packed with tight corners, bulletproof glass and a balance of open spaces, as well as being scattered with many hiding places for players able to sit quietly and hunt their unsuspecting victims. The layout of the location includes a lower and upper level playing field loaded with jail cells, control rooms, and choke points for you to shoot your way out of difficult facing situations when bombarded with an enemy team. It’s a fantastic map where you get to hide across the rooftops or scout the enemy from outdoor exercise area’s as it replicates the authorities HQ. As one of the larger maps in the Local Justice DLC, it is perfect for all game types – but offers Payne Killer mode an advantage as those who take on the stronger characters of ‘Payne’ and ‘Passos’ can quite literally camp on the higher levels and take down every enemy that attempts to access your location point!

55th Battalion Multiplayer

Next up on the map front comes the Imperial Palace; described by Rockstar themselves as perfect for those that thrive on intense close-quarters combat. Packed with areas that allow you to creep up on unsuspecting enemies, as well as balconies and bars to catch passer-by’s. The Imperial Palace has been designed for non-stop action, and it is recommended to equip a Loadout that can handle everything that this fast paced multi-level environment holds. It is only available for Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Payne Killer modes and takes players into a once luxury Hotel that has been heavily used in combat – so parts of it is blown away providing many cover points with unobstructed views, great for gamers who like to command the Sniper Rifle. Again, this map has lower and upper levels featuring tennis courts, a swimming pool, great city views spread out across exterior and interior locations as it’s every man for himself in this now derelict environment.

Imperial Palace Hotel Multiplayer

The third and final map in the collection is Departure Lounge – and if you haven’t guessed already, this map is based on an Airport environment. Detailed with sunglass kiosks, book stores, luggage handling areas, toilets, changing rooms and even vending machines, but packed with plenty of strategically obstructed views, alcoves, and enough cover to hide you from certain death, this map has been tailored for intense Multiplayer action say Rockstar Games, as this too is only available for both Deathmatch modes and Payne Killer. It’s an entire internal location, but multi-level terminals thanks to replicated public walkway areas and a maze of hallways, another large scale map with plenty of hiding points and a central area designed for intense open combat. Departure Lounge is by far the best of the bunch in this collection as it’s more strategically designed with all types of players in mind… if you want to camp out with a sniper there are many great higher tier spots with limited access, and vast amount of hallways to pounce out on close by enemies whilst being able to keep calm, collected and in cover.

Not only does the Local Justice DLC come with three maps for a great value price of just 640 MS Points (discounted to 480 MS Points from July 3rd – 10th), but it features other additional in-game content to offer you better loadout and character personalisation choices. It comes with an M4 Assault Rifle designed specifically for lightweight mobility, speed of target acquisition, and delivering heavy and reliable firepower with unlockable attachments – and additionally a new ‘Light Fingers’ Item Gear option that will speed up the rate at which you loot the bodies around you.

Departure Lounge Multiplayer

Ultimately for greater character customisation – a brand-new uniquely customized SPP faction character that comes with their own unique head and body armor Loadout options, and several ways to outfit a new detective, lieutenant, and officer is included. In the new SPP Avatar customisation options I was able to freely select the current look of Max Payne’s head and suit and boot him up from a vast range of available items that really will set you apart in the multiplayer gameplay so as not look the same as pretty much everyone else – right down to if he even wears a gold ring or not!

The Local Justice DLC is by far a fantastic offering of multiplayer content that goes far beyond just playing on a few new maps with bonus customisation options, new weapons, factions and an absolute bargain price.

Highly recommended! Download today right now via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace via this direct link.

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