MCV Claim The Next Xbox Has No Disc Drive?

MCV are at it again… having previously claimed their trusted source said an Xbox 720 reveal would definitely be on the cards at the CES 2012 show – they are now spreading rumours that the next console will not come with a disc drive!

Instead of a disc drive, it is claimed to feature an interchangeable solid-state memory card storage, although it is not known whether this will be proprietary or a more standard format such as SD. This would be great news for the piracy industry as it could take the next Xbox down the route of the Nintendo DS – with cheap dirty cards popping up all over the place and hell yeah, Datel could even manufacture transfer devices to copy data from one card to the other!

This also disqualifies the gamers who like to double-up their console for playback of DVD’s and Blu Ray is an expected format for the next-gen console.

MCV were correct in that the next console was actually at the CES 2012 event, but it was shown behind closed doors as we later learned it was playing a high-end PC port of Battlefield 3. Previous rumours suggested it will come with a Blu Ray drive and implement a system that will disallow used games!

When Microsoft make official announcements, we’ll keep you updated.

(via MCV)

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