Meet “Agent TiX” – Mascot Reveal

Following from the news post a few weeks back – is pleased to reveal the final character design for the site mascot known as “Agent TiX” – a joint collaboration between Jason Andrews ( and Javis Ray (

Javis Ray, the founder and creator of the Kotaku reader’s favourite webcomic – Legacy Control, designed Agent Tix with the creative input from Jason Andrews, because a site mascot was felt to better represent thisisxbox rather than an additional logo graphic.

Agent Tix, a Super-Heroine from the tiny undiscovered planet Nune with pleasing physical attributes, yet the personality of a bitch right down to the core will soon have her own blog focussing on past and present Xbox related news in a non-typical presentation. Penned by a secret identity, you’ll either love her or loathe her!

Previous and Final Artwork for Agent TiX

…Other features and promotions featuring Agent Tix could happen in the near future – the thought process is underway! More of Agent Tix’s back story will unravel within her own future blog posts.

For more information about Javis Ray and Legacy-Control, visit

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