Meet more of The Dwarves in new character trailers


It’s been a few days since the first Dwarves character trailer introduced us to Boindil. THQ Nordic and King Art Games have since released two further character trailers for the RPG which will be hitting the Xbox One platform on the 1st of December.

Up first is Rodario.


Rodario isn’t your usual Dwarf. Firstly, it’s apparant that he’s not actually a Dwarf. He’s human. Not only is he the most versatile, but Rodario is also the most theatrical hero of the party of adventurers. Rodario likes to dazzle his foes with his acting prowess as well as his fighting skills. In addition to his more thespian talents, Rodario carries an effective flamethrower and other tools. With this deadly firepower, he can ensure that his enemies do not get too close to him, but if they manage to get within striking distance, he uses his outstanding acting skill to fake his own death, or even to persuade those he is fighting against, to fight for him instead.

In extreme cases, Rodario will even disguise himself as one of his enemies so that they will ignore him and he can strike when they least expect it. The Flamethrower he carries is best used to disperse large groups of foes, as does the Acid Cloud he can throw. The Cloud of Sleep that he also wields makes those he is fighting against drift off instantly into the land of nod. Add these to his acting ability and it’s clear that this slightly over-sized Dwarf is the most versatile of opponents.

Second up, and the new Dwarves trailer released today, is Narmora.


Narmora is the assassin of the party. She specialises in single combat scenarios, but is equally as devastating fighting groups of enemies. Narmora is able to use the rarest of Dwarves skill, ‘Shadow Step’. This allows her to appear anywhere on the battlefield in the blink of an eye or to teleport back and forth to quickly assassinate up to 10 targets with her ‘Assassination’ or ‘Shadow Death’ skills. Silent, swift, but possibly not the most resilient.

Rodario and Narmora, along with Boindil, are a few of the 15 playable characters that will be available in The Dwarves when it is released on the 1st of December.

Will you be joining the Dwarven Party?


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