Meet the Super Dungeon Bros.


Who doesn’t love a good old dungeon crawler? There’s a cracking co-op dungeon brawler heading to Xbox One and Windows 10 later this year. Super Dungeon Bros. is promising action, enemies and fighting. It stars four bros and developer, React Games wants you to meet them.

These heavy metal heroes are from Rokheim, think Dungeons and Dragons meets Spinal Tap.

  • Axl, he’s the blue guy, he fights first and asks questions later.
  • Lars, the yellow fellow, he’s a lover, not a fighter.
  • Freddie’s red and he’s a little bit nuts.
  • Ozzie’s green. He doesn’t eat bats but he is the joker in the pack.

Watch the trailer below to get more of an idea of what Super Dungeon Bros. is all about.


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