Meet the Undesirables as Constructor reveals new characters

With the launch of Constructor nearly in sight for consoles, developers, System 3 have shown off the Undesirables.

Thear colourful characters, will be used by you to terrorise rival builders. This Motley Crew line up as follows:

The Hippy – They hold street parties, squat, or picket an opponent building.
Killer Clown – All round dangerous individuals that cause damage all over the place.
The Ghost – Scares tenants to within an inch of their lives and sends them packing.
Mr Fixit – The repairman you should never hire – he’ll bodge the whole job.
The Phsyco – Stay away from him, because he’s just plain crazy!
The Thugs – These give Phil Mitchell a run for his money as the nastiest piece of work around.
The Thief – Lock up your valuables, because these guys steal everything.
The Gangster – Your chosen hitman. Need someone silenced, buildings burned to the ground? He’s your man.

The first two in a series of videos about the Undesirables can be found below.

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