Mega Coin Squad Review

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Mega Coin Squad is a colourful retro game with a highly influenced style from the original platforming king Super Mario. Taking that style and making it their own Big Pixel Studios have managed to put a unique spin on such a classic 2D feel.

You start off in a crazy world with a choice of five characters, each with their own story as to how they joined up to the Mega Coin Squad. They all have their own attributes of speed, acceleration, weight and power so you would pick one to suit your play style. The story mode you pick is also per character with their own progression bars and upgrades which gives you a good feel as to how each characters abilities affect them in different situations later on. Objectives are laid out for you in story mode and stay familiar through out the game, They come in the form of filling up your piggy bank under the time limit, Banking all of your hard-earned coins in one go and completing the level without losing a life. Doing each of these challenges will give you a diamond to spend on upgrades for your characters abilities and their weaponry. Only three diamonds are available per level and are spent at the end of it in a bonus room. Upgrades are random and controlled by a giant block quickly scrolling through different available items like a wheel, if you see something you like the look of time your jump carefully on the next pass!

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Although being an old school retro inspired game Mega Coin Squad has kept it self up to date with abilities that were not around in the era of the early 90’s that can be sometimes forgotten like double and wall jumping, wall hugging and charging. Starting with three lives you will dash, jump and shoot your way through the level as you attempt to fill your piggy bank with as many gold coins as you can to complete the level. A simple premise yes but if you do not bank the coins you are holding and get hit you will drop around 70% of them and lose a life. Do not worry as you can fend off enemies with shoulder charges, ground pounds, fireballs and a few firearm pick ups that can aid you along your way. The guns are limited to how many bullets they hold so use them carefully. The levels you will be destroying for that all precious gold are generated islands that stay on the screen for around 35 seconds, In that time you are free to wreak havoc and use all of your new-found abilities to get as much gold in to your piggy bank as possible.

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Multiplayer is born with four modes to choose from, you have the choice of battling it out with three other friends locally or getting a tournament together in the first to five. Just like the story mode upgrades are available as diamonds. The better you do the more you get (up to three per round). The first of the bunch is of course Deathmatch; three lives, lots of guns, lots of mayhem! Fun as you can play this strategically and all bully whichever of your friends is in the lead! Second up is Hold the Rainbow, in this mode who ever gets their mitts on the big rainbow coin will be primary target for everyone else. Holding this giant rainbow coin will give you gold coins just for moving around, you will not be able to attack, only defend yourself, but you will be able to wall jump and double jump away from impending doom. Who ever reaches the coin threshold first will win. Third is Bank the Coins, like story mode you collect as much as you can and deposit them in to your piggy bank but the only twist is your friends are all doing the same thing. Attacking them to slow down their progress is the only way to ensure victory, just remember they are probably thinking the same thing. Finally we have Mega Coin, a huge coin that you will need to deposit in to your piggy bank. Like Hold the Rainbow whoever is carrying around this behemoth can not shoot but enemies can, first to five deposits wins this round.

For the speed runners there is a top 10 leaderboard for those who can complete the game the fastest with a single character, the times are pretty fast so you will need to get on there quickly if you want to have a shot at immortal glory (at least until some one else beats your time).

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Mega Coin Squad has been an enjoyable retro feeling game for me, it’s like being in the 90’s in an arcade again playing on a machine with your friends gathered round but with greatly added violence. While being a fun and challenging game having online modes would of opened a lot more doors. Some may disagree but I do like it for its lack of online functions, Playing this with three friends in the same room and a few beers will have you in hysterics for the rest of the evening as you sneakily team up against each other only then to attempt to claim eternal glory for yourself.

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