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An over-priced dumbed down stealth experience has landed on the Xbox game store as Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. A mere two hour at most game which will act as the prequel to the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is what appears to be a highly polished arcade title at best and a disappointing basic clone of Splinter Cell.  Ground Zeroes is basically absolute shit and not worth the expense or effort – it should never have been released.

The gameplay is centered on Camp Omega with two main objectives of Search and Rescue. You, as Snake, must infiltrate the camp stealthily to locate both a kid named Chico and a woman by the name of Paz who are hidden in different locations within the camp alongside other unnamed prisoners. Both is within easy reach of each other and once located you simply call in a helicopter and get them inside – it is not until you have rescued both that the mission is over and the game ends. Once you have completed the mission you can return to do some basic Side-Ops missions, but considering the lack of environments and challenges, you could end up thinking just what is the point?

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There is only one main location to play within Ground Zeroes and that is Camp Omega during night time hours. It features many guards and a range of internal locations where you can hide, but it’s a small to barely medium sized location with a few heli-pads and a range of vehicles to control if you want to circle the camp in quicker time than stealthily on foot. Guards are AI’s which are relatively simple and even when the camp is on its most maximum alert status, they barely search and locate you with any effort. They can be shot and wounded fairly quickly and take little notice of your actions.

Graphically the game is stunning and a taster of what could be to come in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, which I am hoping is a full title rather than a quick buck like Ground Zeroes which could be completed in around ten minutes if you know where to look! The terrains and the environment is pixel perfect with cut-scenes that appear photo-realistic showcasing the stunning effects of lighting and visual finesse that Xbox One is capable of handling.

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Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes is not only a prologue, but is just one chapter and one location. It is baffling and concerning that this made it as a retail title considering the lack of content, variety and satisfying gameplay. It is hard for me to comprehend that despite being cheaper than a full retail game, it still doesn’t warrant the price and I consider this game an absolute money making rip off piece of shit that anyone and everyone should avoid at all costs. The final credits rolling time seemed longer than the whole game itself!

Scored 10% for just the amazing cut scenes which teases for Phantom Pain in the near future which does appear to be quite something if we are to believe the advertising references within Ground Zeroes.

Rather than buy the game you should just watch the trailer below for the same experience. Thank you to Xbox for the review code.

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  • Jason Mounce

    One of the worst reviews I’ve seen yet for the trending-scene that is to ignorantly review MGS5 GZ.

  • £20 for a game with one chapter and two objectives in just one tiny location is despicable. There is hardly anything in it to review…

  • Sean Hespell

    It’s not like the game is a failure. It an excellent 2 hours. Not only is your review awkwardly written but you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about.

    “dedicated fan of all things Microsoft and Call of Duty!”

    That explains everything.

  • Arucat

    Sorry… I usually never comment on reviews. And also I haven´t played MGS GS myself (watching a friend playing it) but 10 out of 100? You wrote: “There is only one main location to play within Ground Zeroes and that is Camp Omega during night time hours” and then there is an image of daytime gameplay… no further comments. Either you´re butthurt because of the price tag or hungry for clicks. Either way… no way near professional journalism!

    “There is hardly anything in it to review” … SO WHY ARE YOU REVIEWING IT?

  • Sean Hespell
  • The “main” part of the game is the camp during the night – everything else is side-ops.

    I’m not butthurt due to the price tag when it’s a game I didn’t buy and I am reviewing it at the request of Xbox UK like all games reviewed here which are provided to us directly.

    As a fan site this is not to be considered professional journalism and never has been. This is the sort of review that professional journalism kicks out – go read that…

    For all those gamers who are happy to pay over the odds and be ripped off for what is basically a demo with more content and cinematics advertising the yet unreleased The Phantom Pain than anything else, well – good for you…

    …for everyone else you shouldn’t be happy with this purchase. I can’t justify it just because it looks pretty.

  • Sean Hespell

    $30 is nothing. A blu ray movie is $30. As a fan of MGS I have no problem paying $30 to play this game. I’ve bought $30 T-shirts that I’ve worn twice.

    Again, 1/10? You’re an idiot.

  • Convergence87

    splintercell clone really? You knew going in that it was a short prologue to the main game phantom pain! The only thing you could complain about is length; a myriad of reviews have said the gameplay and graphic have been superb in this title!

  • Donny

    This is Hands down some of the worst writing I’ve read, content aside.

  • Arucat

    I can completely understand your argumentation… but 1 out of 10 means: This game is awfully designed, has a lot of bugs making the game unplayable, bad graphics and an even worse story (if even existend) etc.

    All of this cannot be said about MGS GS! Yes it´s short (if you rush through and don´t experiment with it and without side missions) and it costs money (oh damn… almost everything costs money these days).

    Considering it´s graphics, gameplay mechanics and story let´s give it a 7 out of 10. Now minus the short duration -2 points still make 5 out of 10. All would be fine… but now you´ve got a lot of clicks! WIN

  • Jozef

    The worst part of this article is definitely the writing. Sentences like “… status they barely search and locate you with any effort.” don’t even make sense.

  • We don’t always see eye to eye on reviews but 1/10 is extremely harsh here. This for me was some of the most thought provoking storytelling that I’ve played on the new console. It can be completed in no time at all sure, but that’s not how it was intended to be played.

    10% should mean that a game is fundamentally broken really… for comparison 🙂

  • Jason Mounce

    You sound like the kind of person who buys Call of Duty for Singleplayer, rushes through the campaign then calls it garbage without touching any other feature or content within the game.

    Please tell me, when you ‘Finish the game’, what was your % Completion, hm?

    I’m sorry, I have all the trophies and played the game fully and my Overall playtime is 12.5 Hours to Complete the game. Whatever you think is ‘Completing the game’ is as nonsensical as your writing capability.

    1 Main-Op, 4 Side-Ops and 1 Extra-op both with two difficulties to replay. If you’re not an MGS Fan, say so. You need to be a fan to basically get into this. You need to have beaten Peacewalker to understand why this Prologue is a worth the $20-$30. Peacewalker was a small game that could also be rushed even though it was a full game, where it excelled at was its replayability wherein you could replay the missions multiple times so you could get everything you had to get.

    “There is hardly anything in it” because you didn’t bother looking into it. I’d argue that this article was primarily made for hits since MGS5 GZ is the newest trend to attack to get clicks. You mention ‘One chapter’ but don’t mention the side-ops.

    “Once you have completed the mission you can return to do some basic Side-Ops missions, but considering the lack of environments and challenges, you could end up thinking just what is the point?”

    That’s called a Loser’s Perspective, Surrenderism. You ask what’s the point? Really? Peacewalker also had missions that lead you through the same valleys/areas/chapters but were different missions altogether, no one seemed to mind. Guard patrols changed, difficulty changes, objective changes and thus, strategy changes.

  • Robert Cram

    You’re entitled to an opinion but the score is pure overkill. I, like many others no doubt won’t be paying attention to any of your other reviews Jason. Your credibility scores 10/100.

  • Yeah 90% of it is missing… 😉

  • Jason Mounce

    I still say it was quickly thrown together to meet an agenda of getting clicks. ‘Journalists’ did the same with Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2 and Dragon’s Crown w/ the criticism of the giant-boobs which EVERY Western journalist had to hop on the train to attack once one person had.

    Hate-wagon’ing on MGS5 GZ can only go so far, there’s legitimacy to only a very select few. Price vs Worth? Arguably, it is meant for MGS Fans, not newcomers, not casuals, not to those who’re impatient and love Call of Duty.

    The game has been labelled a Prologue since its very birth in being announced, it’s like no one god damn knows what the word literally means. What, were people think he was joking around when he called it a PROLOGUE? Where people then thought it was a full game? Peoples’ misconception and ignorance are mostly to blame.


    1. An introduction or preface, especially a poem recited to introduce a play.
    2. An introduction or introductory chapter, as to a novel.
    3. An introductory act, event, or period.
    4. an introductory scene, preceding the first act of a play, opera, etc.

    If anyone actually thinks that ‘Prologue’ sounds BEEFY and gigantic when given that exact word and its definitions? I’m sorry but, get the hell back to Highschool or think about owning a Dictionary or at LEAST use Google if you’re unsure what the word means.

  • If it was quickly thrown together to get clicks it would have been written around release haha. Also I would be intelligent enough to have applied this concept to Titanfall if I was hit grabbing by using negativity on top franchises.

    I can’t praise a game just because it’s “Metal Gear Solid”, but if those who love it are happy to pay for it, well so be it – I’m pleased by that. My perspective on this is that it’s nothing more than a paid demo – and even if if was the most amazing best game ever made in the world ever… I still think it is wrong to have released this at retail. It should have been a budget digital title at half the price.

    I don’t like seeing people get ripped off, but I’m aware negativity is band wagon activity…

  • Jason Mounce

    Just because the article is ‘Late’ doesn’t mean it wasn’t quickly thrown together, it can very much be both. Name me a site that hasn’t in some way or another slammed Kojima or MGS: GZ based on this same ‘perceived problem’. There ain’t many left who haven’t.

    No one said you had to praise it for Series/title alone. At the very least, there should be praise where praise is due where this is just ‘Duration versus Price’. Most people, as is this article, slam and critique and surround their opinion based on what ISN’T there due to their own subjective expectations of the game or even the game series being as acclaimed as it is, to be disappointed in a game that performs below what they expect? Then the negative criticisms overwhelm. Why not critique not what you feel isn’t there, but what definitely is? Why not? The AI is smart, the Fox engine is unveiled to us to play in and it’s pretty damn nice on PS4’s version at full 1080p60FPS for me, as such, the visuals are pretty damn good while keeping that reso-gate, the audio? Replayability? Story? How much is packed for those who collect and listen to the Cassette tapes? I barely see a reviewer who infact, goes to talk about the features – though! Angry Joe does praise and infact takes note and expresses what the game does right – you did not. He then goes back to Price over Content as it overruling all the positives in his books. Same as most others.

    It is subjective up to that point, but 10/100? That to me screams more irrational or emotively-constructed bias than a logically/cognitively constructed score. I’m not going to say the game is TOTES 10/10!1!1 But 1/10? Cmon now.

  • Neil Riley

    I’ve played ground zero’s and came away deeply impressed with what I’d played and what it will become in the final game, i.e. the work of genius.

    1/10 is just click bait and it worked as it tempted me here. Saying that, I probably won’t be back and I feel Mr Andrews is a bit of an idiot but after reading his resume above I clearly see the problem and the real reason why he called MGS ‘shit’ !

  • Mark Cardwell

    I was going to pick this up but after reading the review I can wait for it to drop in price. Thanks Jason for helping me make a smart decision.