Micro Machines: World Series gameplay trailer will make you happy

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A new gameplay trailer for Micro Machines: World Series has been released and it’s made me very happy, it should make you happy too!

As you can see from the trailer there will be a 12 player battle mode, Capture the Flag and Team Deathmatch. Codemasters have promised the original 4-player mode will also be in the game.

It’s also great to see that there some neat touches in the game with toy licenses for classic games like Hungry Hippos and everyone’s favourite toy soldier, G.I. Joe. It will be interesting to see which other things pop up (pirate?) in the future.

It’s just a shame we have to wait until June 23 to get our hands on it!

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  • Scott Rittenhouse

    Hey Dave, still waiting on my code for the top 20 on the Unicorn giveaway for Xbox One, I was 19-20 depending on how you look at it. I took the time to join and follow; not cool to not hold up on your end. I am friends with most of those other commenters and they received codes yesterday.