Microsoft Acquires File-Sharing Pando For Next-Gen Xbox?

Microsoft Acquires File-Sharing Pando For Next-Gen Xbox?


Calcalist an Israeli news site has reported that Microsoft has acquired Fendo’s Pando software for $11,000,000.00 – if you’ve never heard of the software before, Pando makes downloading, streaming and sharing large media files fast. If you need to email large attachments, IM a folder, or publish downloadable videos to the Web this is where Pando can streamline the whole process in a great way. It’s widely used by a host of well-known companies and software providers with the gaming industry part of their largest client base.

Calcalist quotes that the purchase was made in part to give Microsoft an advantage in sharing media files for the launch of the new Xbox gaming console which is expected in June, and to compete with Sony, who revealed last month its future media console PlayStation 4.

By June, we take this to mean an E3 reveal rather than a launch but with Sony showcasing some great services with Gaikai streaming and Ustream for the PS4 – Microsoft could be about to unveil something similar for the new Xbox which has not yet been officially unveiled, unlike the PS4.

If this turns out to be something in preparation for the next Xbox, we’ll keep you posted.

Sources: NeoGaf via Calcalist


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