Microsoft detail February Dash update


Now that the Christmas and New Year period is officially over, Microsoft have resumed their monthly plan of scheduled Xbox One system updates, and they’ve just released details of the firmware refresh for February.

The addition that people will notice most is the option for tile transparency on the console’s home screen, allowing you to see more of your gorgeous custom backgrounds. The biggest addition though, will be Game Hubs.

Game Hubs will be a location on the home screen that collates stats on your progress through every game on the Xbox One catalogue. Compare yourself to your friends and throughout the community. This will list achievement information, DLC details and Twitch videos. There are also some shortcuts for how you’d like to play the game. Options for full screen play, with achievements snapped, Party Play, or to instantly start a Twitch broadcast are added to the “Play” submenu.

Other additions include the option to stream live TV to Windows Phone and Android users, if the TV Tuner option is available in your region, and there is a new “trending” tab for Live TV too.

Microsoft have also added some behind-the-gui updates for the console’s capability to communicate with newer models of TV.

If you’re lucky enough to be on the dashboard beta, this update should be available now, if not it’ll be heading your way early next month

Have a look at the overview video below, with Major Nelson and Richard Irving from the Xbox Engineering team for a quick demo.

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