Microsoft Give Out 1600 MS Points To Those Who Were Affected By Entertainment Awards Technical Error


The Xbox Entertainment Awards website launched last week marking the first time ever that gamers could vote for their favourite entertainment experiences on Xbox LIVE for the past year nominating games, video’s and music choices. However, the website was soon taken down when it was spotted that gamers who entered a prize draw had their personal information revealed.

Microsoft has issued emails to all those affected gifting them with 1600 MS Points and making assurances that their gamertag, email address and date of birth that was visible for a short period did not compromise their Xbox LIVE Account.

The contents of the email is as follows:

Thank you for supporting and voting in the Xbox Entertainment Awards.

Unfortunately, I’m writing today to share information about a technical error we experienced on Tuesday 19th March with the Xbox Entertainment Awards voting app available on our UK Facebook page. The voting app inadvertently disclosed a limited amount of participants’ personal data for a brief time to a non-public web page. We took immediate steps to remove the application from its UK Facebook page and sincerely apologise for the error.

The information available for that brief time was generated from the prize draw form you filled in and was limited to your name, email address, Gamertag and date of birth. No other information was recorded or available. The information disclosed cannot be used to directly compromise your Microsoft Account. However, to ensure that you have the appropriate security in place on your Microsoft Account we highly recommend you visit If you have not already done so, use the information there to set a strong password on the Microsoft Account and to add or update additional security information. Further information can be located at Microsoft’s Safety & Security Centre at

We have removed the “Xbox LIVE Awards Programme Competition” element of the Xbox Entertainment Awards and have closed this Facebook prize promotion. To apologise for any inconvenience this technical issue and the withdrawal of the Xbox LIVE Awards Programme Competition may have caused we are, as a gesture of goodwill, providing you with 1600 Microsoft Points which can be redeemed for TV shows, movies and games to enjoy on your Xbox 360 console, tablet or PC.* For redemption instructions, please sign in to your Microsoft Account on and click on My Account, then Redeem Code

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