Microsoft Make Improvements To Indie Developers on Xbox LIVE

Microsoft made an announcement earlier today wishing all Indie developers on Xbox LIVE a Happy New Year, and in doing so have also informed the XNA community that the file size limit for submissions has been increased – which will in turn (hopefully) allow for bigger and better games on the platform.

Quoted by Microsoft:

Since the start of Xbox LIVE Indie Games, CCGAME bundles submitted for Xbox LIVE Indie Games were limited to a maximum size of 150MB. We’ve heard all the great feedback on this subject and today we are pleased to inform you that developers are now able to submit CCGAME bundles up to 500MB through App Hub for publishing on Xbox LIVE Indie Games.

As well as the increase in file size, it was also revealed that developers are now permitted to submit up to twenty games for publishing from the previous rule of ten, and improvements to the 80 MS Points pricing structure. From today if an Xbox LIVE indie title is under the 150mb file size mark it is eligible to be priced at 80 MS Points where as this pricing module was only available to titles under 50mb.

Although finding indie titles on the console dashboard is not as easy as it used to be, it is hoped that the news of improvements to the file size and pricing structure is met with approval to kick off 2012 to enable developers to make even bigger and better content.

If you do enjoy the work of an indie developer, why not bookmark the Online Marketplace page to save time finding games on the console?

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