Microsoft To Announce Removal of Xbox One DRM Policies?

Xbox LIVE Xbox One


UPDATE: Confirmed – No DRM for Xbox One

According to sources of WhatHiFi, who aren’t just any run-of-the-mill website and are quite popularly known – they’ve been given the tipoff that Microsoft will announce very soon the removal of Xbox One’s unpopular DRM and Always Online Policy.

Sources tell that Microsoft is set to announce the changes later today, with games developers being informed first.

The news is likely to be highly celebrated if it is to be believed, and should any announcement happen – expect us to be overjoyed even though are consoles are already pre-ordered! The DRM and Always Online feature of the Xbox One has driven gamers in their droves to social networking sites to show their disgust.

If it happens, we’ll report on it – if not, then well done to WhatHiFi for encourage us to backlink. We neither believe or disbelieve, but fingers crossed this is true!

Via WhatHiFi

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