Microsoft Trademarks “Leap Experience Pioneers” For Gaming

Do you fancy playing games that could involve you jumping across the floor, high-jump kicks or possibly even the long jump in your own living room? Probably a bit extreme, but Microsoft has recently applied to trademark the term “Leap Experience Pioneers” for game software. No one yet knows what reasons are behind this, but it is likely releated to next-gen technology we think. Kinect 2.0, Xbox 8 or 720 ?

Fusible uncovered the information which came under (Serial Number: 85699906) with the US Patents and Trademark Office. Nothing is yet registered in Europe under the same term. In doing a quick check of the term ‘Leap Experience Pioneers’ across major social networks and popular domain names, Fusible claims that Microsoft isn’t that interested yet in owning the brand as Microsoft hasn’t grabbed at the time of their story.

Microsoft has not yet made any official annoucements, but when they do – we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Thanks Fusible

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