Microsoft Working On Four Unannounced Next-Gen Titles

Microsoft Working On Four Unannounced Next-Gen Titles

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Jonathon Browne, a Senior Product Manager for Microsoft Studios has revealed on his LinkedIn profile that he has helped with the production of four brand new IP’s from the early concept stage right through to production.

Browne joined Microsoft Studios in 2010 having previously worked as a Product Manager for Behavior Interactive where he already established key relationships with Microsoft. With the four new IP’s currently in production it’s a good call that most if not all will be launch titles. The marketing world knows there is no better time to launch a new IP than on a brand new highly sought after console.

Next-gen in all its glory has not been announced yet, but over the past few month’s gamer’s have been teased with new engine showcase video’s, rumours, and spec lists. The Xbox camp is surely gearing themselves up for a reveal in the next few weeks with a massive blow-out at E3 2013 in LA.

When all the official details are in, we’ll keep you updated.

Source: CVG