Minecraft Xbox 360 To Eventually Resemble 1.2.3 Final PC Version – Updates Soon


4J Studio’s has taken to twitter to reveal information about the future updates for Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition. Open Servers are currently in duscussion, although not fully confirmed – and an update to hit in the near future will resemble the PC Beta version of Minecraft 1.8.

In the next few weeks (early July) gamers will be prompted for update 1.7.3 on the Xbox 360 that will allow DLC skins that can be purchased with MS Points as well as some freebies. Skins will be available at 40 Skins per pack, but pricing has not yet been confirmed.

Following from update 1.7.3 will be the release of update 1.8.2 – then eventually (Date’s TBA) the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft will fall in line with the final 1.2.3 version of the PC release.

It has also been reported that some gamers are seeing their leaderboards reset, but 4J Studios have been unable to rectify the problem or re-create the situation that is causing the error.

When new updates have been released, we’ll keep you updated.

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  • C0WM4N

    I killed over 2,000 slimes all legit.I was so pissed off to find all of that gone.If the problem is uncovered, will the leader boards be changed back?

  • Lucas38102

    It's one of the worst bugs to get, your leader boards will never come back because this also happend to me.

  • hi

    does anybody know when the 1.2.3 update on minecraft xbox360 editon

  • hi

    when it is comeing

  • Recently at a "Minecon" event… the dev's announced that the PC version will have a 1.5 patch in the new year, but oddly NOTHING was announced about the 1.2 patch that is being worked on for the Xbox 360 version of the game…

    Sadly… 360 miners the world over are still in limbo…

  • jase

    stop torturing us 4J studios

  • hibob11

    when will the 1.2.3 update come out minecraft is not fun knowing that better things are to come plese reply 4j studios

  • Fingers crossed we shall hear more soon. Don't worry, ThisisXbox will let you know as soon as there is news to share 🙂

  • Tyler Biggs

    the 1.2.3. update will have alot of new stuff and it might be in Febuary or Tarch

  • Tyler Biggs

    So… any more