Mister Chief Avatar Gear Hits Xbox LIVE

mister chief

Seemingly out of nowhere and totally by surprise, Mister Chief has reared his head again only this time on the Xbox LIVE marketplace in the form of Avatar Gear. Today you can freely equip your digital being with a suit to replicate the infamous mascot of the golden days of Bungie and the early Halo franchise.

Talking on Xbox Wire – 343 Industries’ Franchise Development Director Frank O’Connor, and creator of Mister Chief had the following to say:

Mister Chief is a terrible idea that snowballed out of control, and now we’re stuck with it, like the internal combustion engine or Justin Bieber. I don’t secretly think he’s awesome, nor do I secretly think that Mister Chief has any actual artistic or canonical merit. He is the bastard child of a more desperate time. You know the expression “outsider art?” Whereby art is created from an unexpected place, like an elephant with a paintbrush. A French artist, Jean Dubuffet coined the term to describe paintings made by children and the inmates of insane asylums. Well, that’s exactly what Mister Chief is.

He first popped up in the Bungie Weekly Update – at that time a community bulletin dealing with all things Halo. You can find much more worthy and better written information there about “Destiny” these days at www.bungie.net.

Well, I was in a bind. I had lots of things to write about “Halo 2,” but nothing to show. So I simply “mocked up” a “screenshot” featuring the non-union, off-brand, off-kilter alter-ego of Master Chief, imaginatively named “Mister Chief.” And because it was so terrible, there was nothing that PR could do to stop it. PR is often trying to stop me from doing various things. They have no patience for antics or capers, and no budget to reverse shenanigans. He is carrying a light saber because those are easy to draw, compared with guns, for example.

Now, to the matter at hand – the Mister Chief avatars. I discovered a limitation of the avatar tech. They literally can’t make anything precisely as ugly or poor as a traditional Mister Chief. So you’ll see that the avatar, while obviously Mister Chief, has nicer proportions and a more generous interpretation of the Mister Chief’s husky and indolent frame. He also can’t be keylined on his silhouette. But here he is. A collaborative effort with the avatar team. A thing that you can buy and wear and bring joy or horror to your dashboard.

You have my profound apologies.

You can read more in full over at Xbox Wire

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