Modern Warfare 3: FFA Gunplay Double XP Now LIVE

Modern Warfare 3: FFA Gunplay Double XP Now LIVE

FFA Gunplay makes its debut in the community playlist! Available now in Modern Warfare 3 and this new option adds a twist onto Gun Game, One in the Chamber and Free for All.

Gunplay cycles through four different modes:

Gun Game Variation #1

Classic Gun Game at its finest. Cycle through an 18-gun progression including two sniper rifles to highlight the best marksman in each match.

Gun Game Variation #2

Cycle through six guns three times (no sniper rifles). Learn the 6-gun progression to best pace yourself through each wave.

One in the Chamber

Equipped with the P99 and Tactical Knife, each player starts off with one bullet, earning another for every kill. Elimination occurs after three deaths, with the final three players appearing on the mini-map to keep the action rolling.

As a new feature, eliminated players can chase survivors in spectator mode and back a winner of their choosing. You’re awarded 150 XP for each of the chosen player’s subsequent kills.

All or Nothing

A new variation of Free for All, All or Nothing was inspired directly from the community. All players spawn with the USP .45 handgun with no ammo and a Throwing Knife. The loadout includes the Hardline perk and Specialist strike package with Scavenger in the first slot. Get kills to unlock Scavenger and supply your pistol with ammo.

Gunplay Double XP

To celebrate the new modes, Infinity Ward are running Double XP specifically for this playlist, beginning immediately and lasting through the morning of Monday, April 2nd. Happy hunting!

Via (MW3Blog)