Modern Warfare 3 – Five New Prestige’s Now Live


Today was not only the release of the Overwatch Map on Modern Warfare 3 via the Call of Duty ELITE subscription system, but a 5mb update is now available to all players on the Xbox 360 console which adds a few fixes and now 5 whole new Prestige’s.

This now takes the total of Prestige’s on Modern Warfare 3 from 10 to 15 – it’s an additional 400 ranks to plough through. I can confirm that the PC icons shown in the image above are also used in the console versions, with (at the time of writing) – Gamertag: mersad lion 1 – currently holding the highest score on the Modern Warfare 3 leaderboard with a new prestige icon.

Overwatch, was hotly tipped to resemble High Rise, the popular map from Modern Warfare 2 – sadly, it more resembles Hotel from Black Ops and is the worst map from the three recently released which will be bundled for non Elite subscribers to download from next month… it’s a camping sniper’s dream map!

…still they have to cater for everyone, and enjoy your new Prestige ranks for those who have already made it through the first ten.

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  2. I’d say take off Infected altogether – it’s awful

  3. lol infected is a choice gametype so why complain about it being there? just dont play it, and it would be stupid to take off throwing knives cus then it would be too hard for infected people 😛

  4. Throwin knives help prevent boosters… People boosted so they added throwing knives

  5. yeah good point haha – I just really don’t like that gametype… and today – the new map was a disappointment. It aint great… roll on March content…

  6. gay should have made them different… ill stay at 10th

  7. yeah it is a bit odd I think to make them all the same image

  8. How weird, today I actually met mersad lion 1 in a lobby by complete random joining.. !!

  9. Weak new prestiges lol

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