Modern Warfare 3 – Five New Prestige’s Now Live

Today was not only the release of the Overwatch Map on Modern Warfare 3 via the Call of Duty ELITE subscription system, but a 5mb update is now available to all players on the Xbox 360 console which adds a few fixes and now 5 whole new Prestige’s.

This now takes the total of Prestige’s on Modern Warfare 3 from 10 to 15 – it’s an additional 400 ranks to plough through. I can confirm that the PC icons shown in the image above are also used in the console versions, with (at the time of writing) – Gamertag: mersad lion 1 – currently holding the highest score on the Modern Warfare 3 leaderboard with a new prestige icon.

Overwatch, was hotly tipped to resemble High Rise, the popular map from Modern Warfare 2 – sadly, it more resembles Hotel from Black Ops and is the worst map from the three recently released which will be bundled for non Elite subscribers to download from next month… it’s a camping sniper’s dream map!

…still they have to cater for everyone, and enjoy your new Prestige ranks for those who have already made it through the first ten.