Modern Warfare 3 Tenth Prestige Hacks On The Loose

If it’s not boosters sat crouching in corners, or young kids screaming about no scoping kills cussing and antagonising aggressive responses from the online Modern Warfare 3 community – it’s the 10th Prestige Lobbies, and the number one most hated hack is back… the 10th Prestige Glitch has found its way into the game once more.

Taking credit for the hack is H0t Unicorn and OGZxProductions who have compiled a recent video showcasing their efforts which is based on a scoring modification to rocket you through the prestige levels.

Expect mass amounts of “Hosting a 10th Prestige Lobby” messages to flood your inbox in the coming weeks and as always, report these messages through the console dashboard and never hand over MS Points in return for a 10th Prestige – your account will more than likely get banned.

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