Modern Warfare 3 – Unlock All Titles and Emblems Glitch

Xbox 360

If you fancy having a look at all of the Emblems and Titles available in Modern Warfare 3, then a glitch has been discovered allowing you to do just that. All you need is an extra controller, another profile which is not LIVE enabled (meaning just one of the quickly created ones on your console for free).

Using the instructions below with the video as shown you can have any Emblem and Title – but it is temporary as any unlegit unlock will be removed after one game only.


  1. Go To The MW3 Multiplayer Main Menu
  2. On Your 2nd Controller You Want To Click “System Link” and you should get a message saying you need to be signed in to Xbox LIVE
  3. Now Press A on your first controller go and find any online game.
  4. When searching for a game use your 2nd controller to quickly sign in to another profile. THIS MUST BE AN OFFLINE PROFILE!
  5. As soon as you sign in it will automaticly take you to SYSTEM LINK
  6. Go back to your first controller and Enable Competition Mode
  7. Hit Create Game
  8. You should be rejected out of the match.
  9. Now go to title and emblems and you should see you have unlocked them all apart from 2 special ops ones.

Via: oRipqLe

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  1. I did it with a Xbox Live Silver Account. It doesn't have to be offline.

  2. Patched

  3. It’s patched in matches but you can do t in a lobby

  4. Ok cheers for the update.

  5. Does it work with ps3?

  6. is this legit or can i get banned from xbox live for doing this?

  7. Currently people are doing something very similar to this to unlock the Diamond Cammo using another profile with it already unlocked… from hearing feedback – no one has been banned for this as of yet, but I did a second profile glitch in 2006 using Gears of War 1 and that got me a gamerscore reset !!

  8. It didnt work for me

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