Modern Warfare 4 – Are Sledgehammer Games Readying Up A Finale?

Just moments after being told about Modern Warfare 4 on October 29th 2012 on a flight from Bodrum to London.

Just moments after being told about Modern Warfare 4 on October 29th 2012 on a flight from Bodrum to London.

Anyone who is a fan of Call of Duty, and can remember the news late 2012 where actor Billy Murray and voice of Captain Price talked to me about the next Modern Warfare game he was soon to have meetings about voicing (the 4th Modern Warfare) might actually surface this year!

With Infinity Ward focussing solely on Call of Duty: Ghosts, it appears that Sledgehammer Games who co-developed Modern Warfare 3 might have taken over the reigns and will release what could be the fourth and (perhaps) final instalment in the Modern Warfare era games; could this be the end for Captain Price, a finale to end the Modern Warfare period with a bang?

It’s way too early for any “official” announcements, but despite the cover-ups where Billy Murray denied saying anything about Modern Warfare, and then back-tracked it into voicing the Call of Duty Online for China which just seemed to re-use a lot of previous assets since it’s a mix of older Call of Duty maps online?

If development for a new Modern Warfare 4 had started in 2012 as implied by the conversation on “THAT” plane October 29th 2012, it’s release would most likely have been 2014 with the typical two year development cycle. It’s also possible that since Sledgehammer Games are recruiting for next-gen development staff as advertised on LinkedIn, Modern Warfare could set to be very explosive on our Xbox One’s.

It does seem very likely that Call of Duty this year will be released by Sledgehammer Games, but will it be Modern Warfare 4, a game that was once rumoured to include flashback’s to Ghost’s (MW2) secret past and revisit key areas of all Modern Warfare in a different view point, or will it be something new completely. Either way, let’s hope Spec Ops Survival is set to make a return to the franchise this year!

We’ll keep you posted when we hear of any further developments – below is a screengrab of when a Sledgehammer Games employee outed the next Modern Warfare game on LinkedIn last summer.


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