Mountain Bike game ‘Descenders’ coming to Xbox Game Preview

Publisher No More Robots have announced that Descenders, the downhill mountain biking game from Action Henk studio RageSquid, is coming exclusively to console on Xbox One in Xbox Game Preview.

Descenders is essentially an extreme downhill mountain bike freeriding game, where you race and jump through procedurally generated worlds, filled with the fear that a single wrong move could end it all. The game plays out across four unique worlds, starting in the Scottish Highlands, weaving through dense forests, opening out into gaping, humid canyons, before chucking you out of a helicopter on the highest and most dangerous mountain peaks.

Because each world is procedurally generated you won’t see the same course twice, meaning that riders will have to rely on their own skill as they improve at the game. There’s no memorising courses to get quicker here! Everything you do in Descenders earns you rep points, and the bigger the stunts the more points you will earn. Failing will also lose your rep points so there is a definite risk vs reward strategy to be considered.

For more information on Descenders check out the official website.

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