Moving Abroad – Take Your Xbox LIVE Account With You?

Moving Abroad – Take Your Xbox LIVE Account With You?


It’s finally gone live! Regular readers might remember thisisxbox posting details of the new web-based Xbox LIVE Account Migration tool (when in beta stage) earlier this month?

Major Nelson announced today that the web-based account migration tool is now LIVE on LIVE and that means when you move to a different country you don’t have to call the Xbox Support Team and spend hours waiting for answers and help.

The new web-based tool to streamline the process of moving your Xbox LIVE region will only allow a region switch once per a three month period and will transfer your gamertag, Achievements, MS Points, but region locked content will not be transferable. Region locked content can include subscriptions to Xbox Music, SKY TV, and other streaming Apps only available in the originating country of release.

If you are moving, check out the new Tool HERE