MW3 Elite Drop DLC for June Kinda Detailed


Tomorrow will see yet another bout of Call of Duty goodness spread across your online gaming sessions as not one, or two – but three Face Off maps are inbound alongside another Spec-Ops Mission.

Not much has been revealed from Activision in terms of pics or video’s, and to be frank – it sounds a totally crap content drop with all the maps tied to a small two or three man team in Face Off. This month is disappointing!

Mark Rubin from Infinity Ward took to twitter to reveal what’s in store for us all tomorrow:

“So the Elite Content Cal isn’t updated yet but I’m going to go ahead an tell you what drops tomorrow. Also those guys need to update the categories to be more accurate. Will get on them about that. The June drop is a Spec Ops mission called Arctic Recon. And 3 new Faceoff maps Vortex, U-Turn, and Intersection…”

When the new content launches you’ll be prompted for the updates and DLC downloads from within the games online menu, look out for it tomorrow.

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  1. Face off a 5 minute fad..obvious gamers want multiplayer..elite waste of money…just cruising and abusing gamers with the lazy drops.

  2. Faceoff a 5 minute fad..they know gamers want at least multiplayer..elite waste of cash…cruising and abusing the gamers seems lazy and rushed.

  3. They are making maps for Faceoff? The overwhelming majority of players are on the reg MP maps. This has to be a joke.

    I agree that Faceoff is a fad. I don't play it, and don't know anyone who does. Next they'll be updating it to be have a "6 v 6" mode.

    I bought Elite so that I would get a discount on the DLC. I didn't know that half of the DLC would be something that is of no interest to me. Yeah, they ripped us off with Elite. But it won't happen again. If I buy any shooter this November it will be the new Medal of Honor. No BLOPS 2 for me.

  4. This months drop is rubbish. No elite re-up for me. Halo 4 looks a lot better when they do this. I have not played ONE spec op or even campaign. I buy CoD for online MP ONLY.

  5. Agreed. WTH are they doing?

  6. Yeah and tiny little maps for 1200 MS Points when it becomes a regular map pack will annoy a lot of people.

  7. Absolute waste of time…..why on earth do they think 3(!) Face off maps was a good idea??? There should have been AT LEAST 1 normal MP map……I want explanations as to who's idea that was!?

  8. Just downloaded all the content… the Spec Ops Mission is awesome !!!

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