MW3 – Infected Playlist Coming and Watch Out For Fake Scam Site

MW3 – Infected Playlist Coming and Watch Out For Fake Scam Site

The Modern Warfare 3, popular Private Infected Mode is heading to Public Playlist’s today available to all gamers and not just Elite subscribers – Great News! However, the sad news is that Drop Zone has been completely removed.

If you’ve never bothered with the Private game modes before, Infected starts with one player on the infected team and all other players must hide or survive from the infected. Starting to sound familiar if you’ve ever played a similar version of this mode on Halo games? – and the round ends when the last survivor is killed by getting infected. This might put an end to your recent players list spamming out ‘hosting an infected match’, fingers crossed!

As pointed out by Product-Reviews today, a new website has been set up by scammers claiming to know information on Call of Duty: Iron Wolf, which is not the official name for this years Treyarch developed title – it hasn’t yet been announced. The website in question is which is asking users to provide an email address which could be for phishing purposes or most likely to harvest a mass amount of emails and spam you with offers or porn.

We previously reported that Activision has purchased the domain name, and no details have yet been revealed on what that site may one day contain.

We plucked a Youtube Video showing a sample of ‘Infected’