Netflix on Xbox 360 Tweaked To Perfection Almost

It may not be a complete Metro style revamp needed for the application, but Netflix today announced some great tweaks to improve the service on the Xbox 360 console – as well as new cloud profile’s.

  • Skip Forward/Skip Back functions during play allow you to move through movies quickly and move between TV episodes
  • Zoom function during play lets you enlarge letterboxed video content to full screen
  • Better color contrast, making colors more vivid and black more pure.
  • If you’re a member in Canada, Latin America, the UK or Ireland, there are more opportunities to share TV shows and movies in the connected world and for you to discover more great stuff to watch through your friends.
  • Members that have connected with their Facebook friends on Netflix can now see what their friends have watched and rated on Netflix. In addition, it has been made easier to decide what you want to share with your Facebook friends when enjoying Netflix on your Xbox
  • Single sign on with cloud profile makes it easier to enjoy Netflix on another Xbox 360, wherever you are. For example when visiting a friend’s house you can use their Xbox 360 with Netflix after signing on with your Xbox LIVE credentials.

The next time you use Netflix on the Xbox 360 you will be prompted for an update. Accept the update to access all the new improvements.

UPDATE: Also today, it is understood that hordes of subscribers are leaving Netflix since the introduction of Netflix’s FLIXPAC committee in the US which sees it fund SOPA supporters to ensure they can aggressively pass through their own anti-piracy bills. This is causing outrage and the only way to hit Netflix where it hurts is the loss of subscribers, the main funding source.

Thanks Netflix

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