NeverSoft Dev’s Working on Call of Duty Title

Neversoft Entertainment, founded in 1994 is best known for their line of Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk skateboarding games. The company was acquired by Activision late 1999 – and now for some peculiar reason they have been handed the development of a new Call of Duty title by Activison! WTF! So what’s going on?

There are a couple of reasons as to why Activison has decided to pass on one of the worlds biggest franchises to a studio like NeverSoft, who aren’t really best known for their first person shooters. Firstly, and what we think is most likely – NeverSoft are handling the current-gen port of a next-gen Call of Duty that could be in development from either Sledgehammer Games or Infinity Ward set to release on the next Xbox as a launch title. NeverSoft “could” bring this new title to current gen consoles Xbox 360, PS3, Wii allowing the lead development studio of the next-gen version to concentrate on the Xbox 720 (or Xbox 8), PS4 and Wii U platforms.

Alternatively they could actually be developing a brand-new Call of Duty set for release on the next-gen Xbox around 2014, allowing Treyarch (now the head Call of Duty studio) to develop a next-gen title following Black Ops II for release in 2015 – and still allowing either Sledgehammer Games or Infinity Ward to release their next-gen Xbox Call of Duty in 2013. It’s not yet known who from the two developers of Sledgehammer and Infinity Ward who will release their game first, but since Sledgehammer have been hard at work on their next title in the franchise since early last year – a safe bet would be that Sledgehammer are going to lead Call of Duty into the next-gen era.

It’s quite an odd approach by Activision in the re-adjustment of the franchise between developers as there are now five studios working on the franchise – Treyarch, Sledgehammer Games, Beachhead Studio’s, NeverSoft, and making an assumption that Infinity Ward are still on the Call of Duty train; since we had originally wondered if Modern Warfare 3 was set to be the last Call of Duty game from the founders of the franchise unless next years next-gen Call of Duty title from Sledgehammer is a joint effort between the two studios as was Modern Warfare 3.

It is unlikely that two Call of Duty titles will be released in the one year, but with the addition of another studio taking on the reigns of such a worldly leader in AAA titles – a screw up could prove somewhat a costly mistake. Let’s hope Activison’s confidence in NeverSoft proves to be a success!

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