New and Updated Features Coming to WWE 13

We wanted to share with you some new and updated features that are coming to WWE ’13 this year, and make sure you check out the new trailer released today!

One strength of the WWE Games franchise is the ability to relive and create impressive moves and moments. That’s why I’m stoked about today’s WWE ’13 news, which features the combination of WWE Live and Predator Technology 2.0, not to mention two new additions to the roster.

Some of the highlighted experiences:

WWE Live lets players experience the atmosphere of a live WWE event, including authentic sound effects, crowd participation levels and compelling commentary, as well as attention-grabbing Spectacular Moments – impressive maneuvers like ring breaks and barricade crashes captured with multiple camera angles

Predator Technology 2.0 gives you a gameplay experience that’s smoother than ever, including hundreds of new animations. “Attitude Era” Mark Henry and The Miz also join the WWE ’13 roster

Check out the newly released trailer below:

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