New character trailer introduces Anne in Virginia


Developer, Variable State have teamed up with publishing heavyweight, 505 Games to bring a new first person thriller to your gaming menu. A few snippets of information have been released on Virginia up until now, but both developer and publisher have released a new cinematic character trailer in the build-up to the game’s launch next week.

In this latest of a series of short teasers, Virginia introduces us to the main protagonist, Special Agent Anne Tarver. This is the character you will guide through the mysteries of the game as you try to solve the riddle of Virginia.

As a newly minted FBI graduate, Anne’s life is forever changed after she arrives in Kingdom. This idyllic, secluded corner of Virginia has suffered a disaster. Anne is sent to investigate her first case, the mysterious disappearance of a local boy, Lucas Fairfax. As her search progresses, it becomes apparent that sinister forces are at play. These forces will test Anne’s judgement, her morality and her very perception of what is real.

Anne isn’t alone in her investigations in Virginia, however. But her partner, veteran FBI agent Maria Halperin, has roused Anne’s suspicions. As the investigation deepens, so too does your mistrust of your fellow agent.

This new character trailer also shows off the sumptuous setting in the game. Burgess County, VA provides a striking contrast between its natural beauty and an unsettling darkness which lies beneath.

The game is looking to blur the boundaries between gaming and the cinematic world, making use of jump cuts, match cuts, dissolves and montages in a way rarely seen in games. Taking inspiration from the likes of David Lynch, Silence of the Lambs, Twin Peaks and The X-Files, Virginia is a bold experiment in interactive storytelling, offering mystery and drama on a par with the shows you’ve come to think of as cult classics.

Virginia is scheduled for a digital release on Xbox One, on the 22nd of September.

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