New details about Rocket League Season 4

Physonix have written to fans giving them details about the end of Season 3 and what to expect from Season 4.

First and foremost, we want to thank all of you, our players, for your patience as Season 3 has gone on significantly longer than Seasons 1 or 2. We’re making a number of changes in Competitive Season 4 — all of which will be revealed in more detail closer to the start of the season — and these changes required us to lengthen Season 3

They also revealed that Season 4 would begin in early April and showed off the rewards players would get:

Prospect I or higher – Season 3 Prospect Wheels

Challenger I or higher – Season 3 Challenger Wheels

Rising Star or higher – Season 3 Star Wheels

Champion or higher – Season 3 Champion Wheels

Grand Champion – “Season 3 Grand Champion” Title

The highest reward you receive is tied to the highest Tier you reached in any Competitive Playlist during Season 3. If you reached ‘Champion’ at any point in Season 3, then dropped to ‘Superstar’ or lower, you will still get the ‘Champion’ -level Wheels, along with Wheels for every lower Tier.

More details will be revealed about Season 4 soon, but for now they have released this graphic to show off what Toers to expect.

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