New gear, and a few old favourites, coming in the Destiny April update

Last week, Bungie announced the new content coming with the April update, due to launch on April 12, 2016. However, what good is new content without new gear?

In the latest April update reveal, Bungie announced all of the new armour and weapons which will be available to help Guardians reach the new light level cap of 335.


Starting with new armour, there are now new sets for each class type for each of the three Crucible factions, Dead Orbit, Future War Cult, and New Monarchy, all of which follow the traditional colour palettes of each of the factions. As teased in recent promotional images, a new Taken-themed armour set was also shown, the Desolate set, which players can only obtain through special packages called Sterling Treasure boxes. These treasure boxes are awarded by completing the level 41 Prison of Elders, finishing your weekly Crucible bounties, or are purchasable from the Eververse kiosk. A neat additional bonus when completing the full set of the Desolate set, a special Taken emote is unlocked, completing the full look. Stirling Treasure boxes will always drop a guaranteed piece of armour, which may or may not be for your class, as well as some items you could possibly get, including class items, faction reputation boosts, a ship, or a Sparrow.


Bungie also announced a brand new set of armour called the Spektar line, which feels much more traditional to the class archetype. The Hunter’s armour is inspired by cold weather gear, the Warlock is much more streamlined and sophisticated, and the Titan gear has a more organic and rounded appearance. The Spektar gear has been developed with the new customisation option available for Guardians, the Chroma system. Available in blue, red, yellow, or white, the Chrome system adds an additional flourish to the armour pieces, and allows players to further customise their appearance. Once again, the Spektar armour is obtainable via Stirling Treasure boxes, completing the level 41 Prison of Elders, or by finishing your weekly Crucible bounties.


Chroma can be applied to each piece of armour separately, allowing you to create a completely unique look. Chroma is acquired via the Stirling Treasure boxes, or by dismantling items which have Chroma applied to them. You can apply Chroma to an item via the upgrade nodes, but each item has a Chrome value already assigned to it, so you can’t apply yellow to a helmet which already has a Chroma node of red, for example. However, at the cost of 100 glimmer and the loss of any Chroma applied to an item, you can re-roll for another colour, however this is completely random. To encourage further customisation, Chroma is not affected by the active shader, so expect to see some very interesting colour combinations…


What you may notice, however, is that these new pieces of armour all drop at light level 3, which isn’t great if you’re working towards that elusive 335. You will be pleased to hear that Bungie has changed the way infusion works with the new update, so if you want to get that light level 3 helmet up to 335, there are far fewer steps to go through. If you have a helmet which is light level 335, previously you would have infused it into the light level 3 helmet, with no guarantee of what the new light level would be. Now, infusing a 335 helmet into a 3 helmet, makes the light level 3 helmet 335. No more guess work, no more calculators, it’s just nice and simple.


Of course, it can’t all be about armour, can it?

Bungie are also bringing some new weapons with the update, including a rather interesting Taken sword, complete Void elemental damage, as well as a rather sweet looking Taken shotgun. But, there’s more… In an announcement which took most people by surprise, Bungie are updating some of our original Destiny favourites. Shadow Price, LDR 5000, Badger CCL, familiar names to those who played before The Taken King, are being brought up to light level 335. It has also been announced some of the older exotic items are also making their way to the grand heights of 335 light, including the Feedback Fences, Patience and Time, and Queenbreaker’s Bow. Be aware, though, that these old legendary weapons will not be purchasable, and only obtainable through encrypting engrams.


Of course, what good is all this new stuff if we haven’t the space to store it? No worry, Bungie also announced that the vault has once again been increased, as well as a few other quality of life changes. Those of you who were frustrated with special Ghost not appearing when previewing them in your inventory, will now appear. They have also added the ability to reduce the visibility of the HUD, or remove it completely, so you can appreciate the truly beautiful world of Destiny. New emotes are coming, as well as a new Taken ship, and brand new sparrows including a special Variks version.


If you want to watch the full stream, it’s now available on demand on the Bungie Twitch channel, and the update will be available to download on April 12, on Xbox One and Xbox 360.



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