New Gears of War 4 maps arriving November 1

Xbox have announced the first Gears of War 4 DLC is arriving on November 1.

Two of the most popular Gears of War Legacy Maps will make their debut in Gears of War 4 with the addition of Checkout and Drydock for Versus Multiplayer and Horde. Available November 1 for Season Pass holders as part of the early access Developer Playlist, Checkout and Dry Dock will also be introduced into free public playlists on November 8.

If you own the Season pass, you can look forward to anohter 22 maps over the next year.


Revisit the iconic supermarket in Cole’s hometown of Hanover 25 years after the events of Gears of War 3 in this Legacy Map. Much like the rest of Sera, nature is reclaiming whatever it can following the Locust Wars, but that hasn’t slowed the fast, furious and frenetic combat that takes place between the checkout lanes and the electronics department.


Transported from a COG ship building facility to a ship breaking scrapyard on a Seran mudflat, this fan favorite returns with a vengeance to Gears of War 4 Versus Multiplayer and Horde modes.

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