New Halo game to be announced at E3?

New Halo game to be announced at E3?

Earlier today a GAME branded piece of Xbox One artwork appeared to reveal a new Halo game – not Halo 6 – but a game that might be similar to Reach or ODST, something I myself have predicted for a reveal at E3.

The game in question is Halo Gravemind, but the tweet was quickly debunked by the man of Halo himself, Frank O’Connor. The thing is Frank, we know you’ve thrown a boomerang at us before when you denied all knowledge of the Halo:MCC when it got leaked just days before the unveil.

Unfortunately though this does appear to quite the photoshop job with eagle eyed twitter users quickly pointing out the Halo 6 and Creative Assembly logos – but how cool would a Halo Gravemind game be?

So what do you think? Real or Fake? Would you like to see a new Halo game similar to ODST or Reach? I’m also going to throw out there that there I reckon Microsoft may even announce Halo VR to bolster Project Scorpio’s VR offering.

Roll on Sunday.




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