New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Cinder

Killer Instinct Cinder

Fresh out of the over is Ben Ferris’s (Cinder) new backstory from the people over at Ultra-Combo, read on for a snippet of the conversation that will determine Ben’s future.

ARIA: Welcome to the Ultratech private holding facilities, prisoner 1857339. You have been given a stimulant to awaken you from the effect of the tranquilizer dart. You will be groggy at first. Sit up and take a sip of water from the feeding tube in the wall.

PRISONER # 1857339: Wha…where…[unintelligible] Where the [expletive] am I?

ARIA: You are in a cell in an Ultratech facility. There is no escape. Do not be alarmed. You are not injured.

The rest of the story is available over at Ultra-Combo.
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