New Killer Instinct back stories unveils Hisako

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Killer Instinct - Hisako

We are down to the last three characters of the Season 2 roster. This week is all about the everlasting child that protects her village from intruders. The spirit-girl, Hisako.

The year that Chiharu was born the peach tree blossoms clung to their trees longer than anyone could remember, and so her mother and father gave her a name that meant “One thousand springs”. She was the eldest daughter of a rōnin; a samurai without a leader, for her father’s shōgun had been assassinated by a rival, and Chiharu’s father had returned to the village of his birth to start a family and become a farmer.

The rest of Hisako’s backstory can be read over at Ultra-Combo. In the meantime check out and support this player who has a Hisako in reserve, a player from the KI World Cup, KI4LIFE.

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