New Microsoft Job Hints Retail Next-Gen Xbox In Production Stage?

Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, the group responsible for the rich set of entertainment products like Xbox 360, Xbox Live, Zune Marketplace, and more – are hiring. In looking for a new Senior Finance professional, the new job posting gives hints that the retail next-gen Xbox is about to hit the production line.

Still an un-named piece of hardware, many rumours for the next console/entertainment & media hub points to Xbox 8 and as part of the recent listing advertised, Microsoft confirmed that “The Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Information and Services (MSCIS) Finance team is growing rapidly”. They’re hiring for the future and looking for a senior Finance professional to provide leadership and financial expertise. The key words are “Manufacturing” and “Supply Chain” giving clear insight that things are moving forward. The successful candidate that Microsoft are looking for should have had at least 10 years of Finance experience in a similar role dealing with supply chain, and have a conceptual understanding hardware supply chain functions and its financial principles.

Earlier in the year it was estimated that more than 10,000 dev-kits were manufactured that will be distributed across the globe in preparation for development of the next-gen games set to be released in the next few years. Previous sources suggested that silicon production for retail consoles was to start late 2012, so don’t expect the next Xbox console before Spring 2013 at the very least!

E3 2013 is almost a certainty of explosive next-gen goodies…all we need now is Microsoft to at least confirm the consoles name – with production likely underway very soon, it should have at least been decided by now!

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  1. untill microsoft says anything this article is BULLSHIT

  2. Well the Job vacancy for a new employee to finance and account for the rapidly growing manufacturing and hardware supply chain is factual. The only hardware the I.E.B group within Microsoft is now the Xbox console… when a new console is released, it is pretty much standard procedure to have millions stored up prior based on projections and estimated demands.

    But the fact that a new finance manager will come in to MS to oversee a rapidly growing hardware and supply chain as something in prep for the future outlined in the job description, is pretty much solid evidence that it relates to a new console, the only hardware produced by the I.E.B group.

  3. Or maybe it just relates to the new tablet device they are going to be selling or one of the Hundred projects they probably work on per year that no one hears about. Nice article but i think its going to far into it. Also even if true that doesn't mean a great deal only that its getting closer which we have known for a long time.

  4. Microsoft Surface comes under the Windows Division, not the Interactive Entertainment Business which relates to the Xbox, Zune and Xbox LIVE

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  6. It's not going to be called Xbox 8. It's the infinity symbol. Xbox Infinity….CALLED IT!

  7. I really hope it's announced or leaked soon… I want official design pics now haha,

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