New Microsoft Patent Backs Up Leaked Next-Gen Xbox Document

Last month, a hefty internal Microsoft Document had leaked online that outlined the organisation plans for the next-gen Xbox console. The two year old document that referred to the console as an Xbox 720 at the time detailed Blu-Ray, full 3D support, an “always-on” console state, support for DVR functionality to record tv shows, Kinect Augemented-Reality Glasses, and other technical specifications for its CPU processing.

An eagle-eyed NeoGaf member has spotted a new patent from Microsoft posted by Beyond3D that confirms technical specs for the next-gen Xbox console that was also within the previously leaked document.

…The technology provides various embodiments of a multimedia computer system architecture satisfying quality of service (QoS) guarantees for multimedia applications while allowing platform services to scale over time. The scaling over time may permit new services or enhanced current services. Platform services may scale down over time as well.

In an embodiment of a multimedia computer system for providing consistent performance for an executing multimedia application in accordance with one or more quality of service (QoS) guarantees, the system comprises a platform partition of computing resources, an application partition of computing resources, and at least one shared resource. The platform partition comprises computing resources including a platform central processing unit (CPU) and a platform graphics processing unit (GPU). The application partition comprises computing resources including an application CPU and an application GPU. In some embodiments, the application processing units perform processing exclusive of executing instructions of a platform service application…

In short this confirms that the emphasis on the next-gen Xbox console is to ensure that it does a whole lot more than ‘just’ play games by ensuring it has separate CPU’s for games and system applications. It was previously confirmed that Skype would power the whole in-game and in-console voice and video experiences for the next generation of Xbox – potentially allowing for cross platform chat with any other device that uses Skype.

Other future applications have not been confirmed, but what we do know from the leaked document and now patent is that the next-gen Xbox console will be a huge multimedia and entertainment device better developed for future services and improvements down the line of its life-span.

All we need now is a confirmed name and design specifications!

Thanks: NowGamer

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