New Mirror’s Edge Catalyst City and Narrative video released

EA’s latest developer diary video has us discover how DICE tackled Faith’s story, the city’s architectural design, and the factions which roam within the city of Glass in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

First focusing on how they developed Faith’s iconic look from the original Mirror’s Edge, and how DICE took inspiration from the comics, they discuss how her hard-edged look compares to the look and feel of the city of Glass.

The city of Glass has received a makeover as well, featuring areas similar in style to the gritty and grimy original Mirror’s Edge, to the bright and clean districts ran by the Authorities. DICE have created an exciting and dynamic environment for Faith to jump and slide around after spending two years behind bars.

Faith is not alone, however, and must overcome the Authorities, as she attempts to move on from her stay in prison, hopefully with the help of the resistance group Black November, or with the neutral Runners, who are forced to pledge their allegiance as Faith’s story unfolds.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is due to launch on Xbox One on May 24, 2016. If you can’t wait until then to get your first-person free-running experience, the original Mirror’s Edge is available to play on Xbox One with backwards compatibility.