New trailer hits for Micro Machines World Series

Micro Machines

Codemasters and Koch Media have today released the next gameplay trailer for the evergreen and anticipated Micro Machines Word Series. Racing has always been at the heart of Micro Machines and Codemasters are the arguable kings of the racing genre.

Micro Machines World Series sees the action focus firmly on the cars and racing, with hundreds of customisations available. You can race in style and make sure you stand out on the starting line.

Chief game designer, Gavin Cooper:

For the first time in a Micro Machines game, every car has its own entirely distinct personality, and arsenal! Each gives players a different way to play and enjoy the game, meaning fans of the series will have plenty to sink their teeth into. Players will quickly gain an affinity with a particular vehicle and find it suits their style of play. You can master one vehicle by collecting all the 25+ customisations, but then have a whole host of variety choosing and mastering all the other vehicles in the game.

So, each car will have a slightly different feel, sound and even handling in Micro Machines World Series. Choose from 12 very individual vehicles, from the twitchy but agile rear wheel drive drift-prone hotrod of El Incendio to the scarily good all-rounder of Hank N. Stein’s monster truck. That’s not all the game will offer though.

Micro Machines World Series will boast a mix of classic and all-new tracks and arenas. New locations, like the workshop will sit snugly alongside the classics, like the games room and classroom.

Players will also get the opportunity to pick up Hasbro-branded NERF blasters and NERF power-ups. These can be deployed in and around Hasbro-branded locations which include a Ouija Board and a Hungry Hungry Hippos battle.

All of this is commented on by the voice talents of Prince Vultan himself. Yes, Brian Blessed shouts majestically at you from the comfort of your armchair as you battle to win each race. What more could you ask for?

Micro Machines World Series is scheduled ot hit the Xbox One on the 23rd of June.

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