New Upcoming Xbox Dashboard To Feature Your Chosen Pinned Content

A recent push for the Xbox 360 Dashboard Beta Preview program was not all that long ago, and now many leaks are starting to trickle out where gamers aren’t abiding by their beta code of conduct. Naughty, naughty people! Here are some snippets of information for the upcoming un-dated dashboard update for non beta users.

  • The layout has improved drastically, the background with no theme, is a Light greyish white colour, the tabs are all in bolder Fonts and the look is just overall better.
  • There is the addition of “My Pins” in the home tab. Here you can add your favorite games, apps, movies, web pages to a conveniently placed tab under Your Game option.
  • Internet Explorer, it works perfectly. It is fast, smooth, easy to use and a massive improvement to ps3’s browser. One huge let down is no flash player! It does however support HTML5 Video
  • The “Store” tab on the xbox guide organises easy access to: Redeem Code, Games Store, Avatar store and Video store.
  • Xbox Music & Xbox Video seem to be rebranded Zune Marketplaces
  • Smartglass functionality is currently in the beta, but with no apparent use as of yet.
  • Added account Security in “my profile”. The account security has organised the following: Password at sign in, windows live ID, Change Password, Change Windows Live ID and Pass Code into one tab, very useful and helpful.
  • “Name your Xbox” setting in system settings.
  • Status codes on disc unreadable. They tell you if either your disc is damaged, your laser is having trouble or dirty.

More improvements or services could be added closer to full public launch. A release date has not yet been announced for the new Xbox LIVE dashboard, but rumours suggest that prior to Halo 4 release is a likely indicator… perhaps a little obvious!

Thanks MaxConsole, GamingGuys and EvilOnza

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