New Xbox Game Pass Offer is the Perfect Way to Try the Service for a Year

The Xbox Game Pass was launched in June 2017, presenting gamers with a subscription service that inevitably invited comparisons to Netflix. After more than a year in existence, the subscription service has been refined and expanded to give gamers access to a huge selection of games. With Microsoft now rolling out an offer in which gamers can purchase a year’s subscription for the price of six months, the Xbox Game Pass may begin to corner the market in the manner that Netflix did for film and television streaming.
One notable area in which the Xbox Game Pass differs from Netflix is that subscription grants immediate access to some of the platform’s biggest titles, whereas Netflix subscribers often have to wait several months to access the biggest blockbusters. Also, the Game Pass does not operate as a streaming service, but rather permits players to download the game once and then not have to worry about intermittent internet connections.

The subscription nature of the Xbox Game Pass encourages casual gamers to try out accessing the library of almost 200 games for a month, with the notion that the service will prove sufficiently worthwhile to warrant repeated custom. The chance to purchase a year’s access for £47.99 from Amazon will prompt many gamers to take the plunge and sign up for twelve months rather than simply trialling for one month.

Many products attempt to attract new customers by offering a service for free or for a reduced cost. Almost all games offer some sort of demo version to allow new players to try before they buy. The Football Manager computer game demo permits players to play six months in-game for free before requiring a full purchase, which is also advantageous as a test to see if a laptop can handle the game’s specifications.

Other games allow access without requiring the creation of an account or the deposit of funds. Many online games necessitate players completing both of those tasks, but some of these eschew those formalities in order to allow players to access the action as quickly as possible. This trend of giving free but limited access extends into other industries.
The music streaming giant Spotify permits free access to all users, yet only a subscription can remove the regular advertisements. Meanwhile, The New Yorker allows non-paying users to access just ten articles per month. Through providing limited access to a quality service, these companies can encourage customers to sign up to longer-term subscriptions.

The allure of uninhibited access for a loved service is difficult to resist, with the year’s subscription offer for the Xbox Game Pass likely to tempt many new customers. When considering how huge new titles are constantly being added to the game library, the Game Pass subscription certainly appears to be value for money

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